Here is what some of our customers have said about us. If you have a comment for us, feel free to send us an email!

“Golden State West Insurance Services has for years provided “Best of Class” service to CoreLogic Systems, Inc. The responsiveness and ability to provide for our needs was unparalleled during a period of growth that saw CoreLogic Systems, Inc. grow from a company with less than $500,000 in revenue to a company with $63 million in revenue in 5 short years. During the time that Golden State West Insurance Services was actively representing our insurance interests, CoreLogic Systems, Inc. was named the 17th fastest growing privately held Company by Inc. Magazine. CoreLogic Systems, Inc. would like to thank you, Rob Winter and the Team at Golden State West Insurance Services, for your contributions and efforts.”

– Michael Cromar, Chief Financial Officer of CoreLogic Systems, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA

“I appreciated the honesty and patience Rob had while learning about which policy would be appropriate for my needs. Golden State West Insurance Services was able to affordably get the insurance I needed to obtain the contract I was bidding on.”

- Chris Coburn, Environmental Consultant – Santa Cruz, CA

“After a brief conversation with Rob Winter, I became aware of several exposures that I wasn’t even aware of. Securing the protection has given me added peace of mind.”

– Bill Martin, CPA, owner of AccountServ, Inc.

“While shopping for insurance we were recommended to Golden State West Insurance Services. Rob began shopping the market for us and after getting several quotes, he spent time with us going over the policies and comparing them to help educate us so we could see we were truly getting the best policy we could get. In the end we were convinced that Rob was the right man for the job.”

– Thom Puckett, Cerberus Protection Serv, Rancho Cordova, CA

“Rob - I always feel like my business is important to you. It's as if we operate on the same team. I love the personal A+ service you provide."

– Terri Harris, Sacramento CA

“Every question is answered until it is understood and as if it’s important and not a waste of time. I really appreciate that.”

– J. Deller, Home Inspector – Sacramento CA

“Always willing to go the extra mile for a customer with a smile.”

– V. Ferguson, Braun Legal

“Quick and reliable responses, great follow through and Professionalism.”

– Scott Hassian, contractor, Lincoln, CA

“I love the fact that it can all be done via email and fax. Very convenient!”

– Monica Reid, Environental Consultant – Pacific Grove, CA

“Giving business advice to others is my business. However, in today’s society I realized that doing so is a huge liability. I sleep much better at night knowing that I have a policy that will pay lawyers to defend me if I’m dragged into court.”

– Curtis Martin, Sacramento CA

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